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The 2010 British Open Championship marked the return of competitive golf to St. Andrews, the much acclaimed home of golf. The last time this occured was in 2005 in at The Old Course at St Andrews.

st andrews clubhouse

Royal & Ancient Clubhouse

The win gave Woods his second Open Championship, both of which were at St. Andrews, and also gave him his second career grand slam at wonderful age of just 29.

Since then a lot has happened on the planet of competitive golf. Tiger's reign as number one player has gone into the bunker, and, not only being constantly plagued with back injuries this has become more difficult when you consider the slew of young stars looking to carve out a reputation for themselves.

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews is one of the oldest and most prestigious golf clubs in the world. It is based in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, and is regarded as the worldwide "Home of Golf".

The organisation was founded in 1754 as the Society of St Andrews Golfers, a local golf club playing at St Andrews Links, but quickly grew in importance. In 1834, King William IV became its patron and the club became known under its present name. In 1897, the Society codified the rules of golf, and, gradually over the next 30 years, was invited to take control of the running of golf tournaments at other courses.

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews itself is now simply a golf club. It has 2,400 members from all over the world. Although the clubhouse is situated just behind the first tee of the Old Course, the club does not own any of the St Andrews courses, despite the common misconception, and must share the tee times with members of other local clubs, residents and visitors alike.

Augusta National Golf Club

Is located in Augusta, Georgia, and is one of the most famous golf clubs in the world. The course opened for play in January 1933. Since 1934, it has played host to the annual Masters Tournament, which is one of the four major championships in professional golf, and the only major played each year at the same course.

The club only began granting membership to women in August 2012 when it admitted its first two female members, Condoleezza Rice (former Secretary of State) and Darla Moore. (arguably “The Toughest Babe in Business” according to Forbes Magazine that is).

Famous places on the course incude - Eisenhower Tree on the 17th, Amen Corner which is made up of the second shot at the 11th, all of the 12th, and the first two shots at the 13th.

The term was first used in print by author Herbert Wind in the April 21, 1958, Sports Illustrated magazine. He said it came from the title of a jazz record he had heard in the mid-1930s by a group led by Chicago's Mezz Mezzrow, “Shouting in that Amen Corner”.

The United States Open Championship

Commonly known as the U.S. Open, it is the second of the four major championships in golf, and is on the official schedule of both the PGA Tour and the European Tour.

Staged at a variety of courses, set up in such a way that scoring is very difficult with a premium placed on accurate driving. U.S. Open play is characterized by tight scoring at or around par by the leaders, with the winner usually emerging at around even par.

The first U.S. Open was played on October 4, 1895, on a nine-hole course at the Newport Country Club in Newport, Rhode Island. It was a 36-hole competition and was played in a single day. The winner was a 21-year-old Englishman named Horace Rawlins. He received $150 cash out of a prize fund of $335, plus a $50 gold medal.

The U.S. Open is open to any professional or amateur with an up-to-date men's USGA Handicap Index not exceeding 1.4. Players (male or female) may obtain a place by being fully exempt or by competing successfully in qualifying.

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